Friday, November 8, 2013

Egaro political history narrated, by Amhare Gilo

Egaro; is a tiny village in the Openo region; which borders Pinymoli, Abole; Nykwo. Hitherto it was a large land ruled by hard headed tyrants; much uncontrolled megalomaniacs; who fought wars against much chiefdom around them. Egaro was undeterred, unrestrained- from its madness, drunkenness of power, and lust of aggrandizement of territories. It was led corrupt leaders, very tyrants who wouldn't listen to nobody. It was run by warmongers and blood thirsty authoritarians "flashkorch" who fought wars against all. They were belligerent in their behaviors, with constant aggression against all; they had frightened the adjacent chiefdom from peaceful coexistence with them.
 But one day all the adjacent states; ganged up on Egaro's power, to put an end to Egaro's perpetual aggressions and warmongerings. As a result all the chiefdom united under the banner of “common front to stop all aggressions” fought a lasting war to end all wars emanated from Egaro for too long. The war was a devastated blow for Egrao; it vanquished its mighty power. Egaro almost vanished from its existence as a state. After the war those who survived the coalition war on Egaro were those who weren't at home during the invasion, and fight. And they were few in number.

 Nevertheless the remnant of Egaroian, from the devastated war reconstructed their doomed village from the ashes. Egaro state like the Arizona of America that rose from the devastated fire that almost finished state, likewise Egaro also rose from the ashes of war. And had to be reconstituted as a micro state, had to be called Egaro again. As we speak the population of Egaro is the smallest in all the entire Aynuawaland. The "Egaroian"as I call it, thier political narrative is one of the lessons we should all learn from developed developing countries all have such maniacs in them. That bad leader with untamed aggression, war mongering behaviors can deliver a beautiful, beautiful nation into fire. What was needed here was for someone to stand their ground, say enough is enough, and challenge the chief, put end to madness.    

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