Thursday, February 6, 2014

“I fire you. No I fire you”


 It was what one said “chicken politicking” I heard this kind of political jargon, on the news in America, I also could have read, came across them somewhere in the newspapers, in the literature. But not knowing it could someday take place within our community, I beg I did not realize that politics is contagion especially in the age of television. The political bickering between people seen on the screens most of times; was foreign thing for most of the Anuak people.

 We are supposed to be monolithic, indivisible people bind with love-love with no contradictions among the divided Anyuak Nation living along two international recognized borders of the two sister countries: Ethiopia, and south Sudan. According to this notion of political definition, the Anyuak are one people; with no one country to belong to but Anyuawaland.  The group would always reminded us that the Anyuak always thought of themselves as one nation, regardless of the two countries they belong to, see the divisions as the creation of foreign powers, therefore we see our identity, our ways of perception about ourselves  differently.

Even in the application of our traditional Laws they say: there are Laws for Anyuak citizen and Laws for strangers, foreigners. There are Laws of the  kingdoms,  Laws, of the chiefdoms, both Laws are not tough toward strangers, foreigners. According, to our tradition, they say strangers, foreigners are “jure” or aliens. They don’t know the values, Laws of the Anyaukland, that’s why it is easy for them to break the Anyuawa Law, and get away with it, That’s why the Law do not strongly apply to them, do not punished them harshly. They were viewed by jury system of the Ayuakland as just "jure" with no significant about them. They belonged to the alien nation or people, with no Laws in their countries.

But what happen recently between members in our community is mind boggling, disturbing, it goes against the Law of unity preached by these groups for a very longtime. It has taken us by surprise that such a rift exist between the unity champions, it took place right at some quarters, by some Gambellan political grouping here in America. I beg no name mentioned, it alright with me.  I am a political dissident, I know exactly how harmful is so call political grouping. I learned a lot from the life experiences I have gone through in dealing with Para-militant groups of Gambella. But what happen the other days between groups within a certain think-tank was obvious.

A lot of discriminatory words were lunched at some people, with demeaning characteristics. I believe previously avoided definition of citizenship was now accepted, exposed, it has now surfaced, striped of naked, and without clothing, no more to covering . Now, blood and belonging don't matter anymore. No one cares about it, and may be for this moment. Where someone was born, belongs is now paramount, and important and with the international borders having been recognized by these pundits, from to date there will be no argument about blood and belonging anymore. "case closed". 

It has now became important issue as I said, an issue mentioned several times on this occasion over and over. The discrimination started with where ones belongs, including his countries, villages.  Previously denied, polished images of countries, villages were now under attack, condemned, and tarnished including: chickens, goats, cows, cattle herding.

 The insult was too much, it was against some people’s country or villages, it was done by the very radical elements who have been preaching, unity, oneness and constructed the Anyuak people with no country to belong to for quite sometimes. These elements were absolutely opposed to differing views emanating from some quarters about construct of national identity. Since they were the one now to have caused the damage, against unity, created schism between people they governed by Anyuak ways, or by fake nationalism for a very long period of times.

Than at the moment it is prime time for us to ask questions what can we to do as people to reconstruct and bring new lights to our political identity? How can we repair the cracked up, unity of our community? Whose going to repair the cracked up unity?. And for what reason may I asked? There are many ways to redesigned and to rebuild the unity. But it may take a concerted efforts of all the progressive forces to come with creative, innovative solutions, to resuscitate the body of our unity, bring about the fragmented part of the community together, the call is urgent, without fear of retaliation from radical elements, oppositions from the diehards, it can be done.

We know for a very longtime that there were many tactic these groups implies, when one is against them. To them one must go with them or with the crowd under their influences. In the views of these diehards one could disagree with them not in public but in secrecy, behind close doors. Otherwise one is sanctioned, forced to isolation, and abandonment from the group, the community they run. Perhaps one also could face condemnation, endured  massive innuendos, or false propaganda or diatribes. One is ostracized, chastised to break nerve of one’s impeccable character.

  Here I am concern about the lack of civility within ranks of community. Sources close these brinkmanship had me worried about fate of the diaspora political community.  But if the things I heard, also validated by some people were real than there’s mass psychological breakdown going within the Gambella political community. Some urgent rescue, help like psychological therapies are needed to alleviate the political breakdown, and show them right political directions.  I do not know what it’s but there is something going on. 

Imagine three people in a party, four or six people in a party, instead of calling themselves group of this or group of that but no they go straight calling themselves party of this and party of that, and saying they represent the people of Gambella. "What a joke"?

I do not know if these quasi political groups were known to the people of Gambella as they claimed? If they do than there’s deep underlining problems within our society itself for accepting these kinds of nonsense. To me the masses of Gambella were to blamed for the atmospheric confusion the radical claimants proclaimed in their names. These radicals without shame claimed to have understood the people of Gambella very well, think the country and the people is behind them, have been bestowed the responsibility to organizing the people, the country, charting the course of the Gambella people political direction.

Ballooned by false rhetoric's they have been boasting, bullying and talking about it. And if it was true than they have failed the mandated power given or entrusted to them by the people of Gambella. It seems to me many of these elements in the groups don’t understand the term “political party”, I know what political party means. In political science there are units. and a nation was composed of these units: individual as unit, family as unit, group as unit, community as unit, society as unit, nation as unit. 

If one or four or six people are into something, organized thus one is not a party but a group. For example if one lives in a village, or in a county of community; one was not a city person but a village person or a township person. According to urbanization study; a city is a city when it reaches certain proportion of numbers of population. For example a town must have 35,000 people living in it for town to be call a city.

Thus in political science one is not in a party; if one belongs to a group of five or six people, it is call  group of something or sort of. One must have 50 or 100 or more people in the organization to called himself/herself a party member. You can disagree with my assertion but it is true science. The word fire also should not be used within the cliques of something because any form of groups or association of political entities are formed on voluntary basis, no one really is under paid to be fire as such but one can be relieved of his duty if one failed the mandates given to him to carry on. 

But as has been revealed the unknown group pointed fingers toward each other at the minutes conducted by teleconference, after disagreement, each said " I fire you. No I fire you", and concluded the meeting in limbo, with no one in the leadership, leaving the "adera" or mandate mandated to them as they claimed  hanging in the balance. The question now is what than to amend, who’s the mender?      


Daniel Ojulu said...
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Daniel Ojulu said...
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Daniel Ojulu said...

Honestly speaking, I have no words to thanks Amhare Gilo. His contribution has been magnificent and amenity to shore up our people, to reshape political attitude of our society. It is true this blog is serving its purpose as Samuel Zewde indicated.

I heard that many out there edgy with the article and intend to ruse. I view this article generalize all aspects politic have played in the diaspora that douse our whole society with evil spirit. It quibbles the proclivity and the existence plenty of petty obscure political entities that have pronounced themselves big rather than forging a profound united political party that would fight for common cause. Of course in perfect circumstance, it is undemocratic to have one political party system but in our case there number of reasons.

Just before dash off the topic, the number of the members matters is the talking point of the article and it never point a finger to any party of these. If anybody out there attempt to challenge the article, there is no need to expound why the group hit impasse, what drove it to implosion, how the group purged and ameliorated itself. What we would like to hear is the motive and imperativeness of forming political party of five members in the first place. This is theme of the article he would vindicate.

Unless he has dearth subsequence of these type of ‘’Chicken Police politic’’ the message the article conveys is very clear. Nonetheless, anyone entitle to his own opinion. Let’s open Pandora box and listen to retort of the demagogue. We have been waiting for it so long.

“Pandora Box’’, I like it. Happy valentine Day folks!

Ajumhara said...

Well taken Daniel Ojulu Abala, I will do my utmost, expand issues, and highlighting them, making on regional, national, continental and hemispheric focused.

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