Saturday, September 27, 2014

Nyang  Ye de Chaa, it a parlance most often used on foreigners for their reckless behaviors in  foreign land like the Anyuakland, especially this parlance is used on strangers unaware of the local environment they had to encounter, whose missions sometimes were cut short by tragedies, deaths.

  Sorry if you are not Gambellan, but this how things have been described here. You must know what I am talking about if not you can learn from story I am about to say. I happened to recollect some local stories the other days, thought I should write this one down just for the fun of it, the memory it.  Two political scientists, MARINA  OTTWAY,  DORIS LESSING who have written many short stories about Africa, died recently due to her poor health; both described the important many oral stories in Africa, in which they say the African writers must be encourage to write down all those beautiful stories told, narrated by the local people wherever they live.

I guess they were right, it was only writer like Chinua Achebe, other few African writers that found vest golden opportunities, plunged their hands into many ocean stories. On top of that they taped the running fountain stories to their advantages.  To date my friends the story of "selective killer crocodile" was not told through writings.

There were stories is like this one unknown even by the people who lived their life here for years. I tend not to believe it but I am only human, I for sure believe it now. It is True. I can not convince you but believe it or not to date with all the people killed by crocodile in Gmablella at open’s river for years, not a single one of them was a native born Gambellans. Here when I say a native born Gambellan I am not talking about the indigenous tribes but I am talking about anyone born, raised in Gambella, I called him/she as a native of Gambella.  

There was a sad story an American tourists who just jumped in to Openo River 45 years ago to swim but fell into the mouth of a waiting crocodile devoured him to death.  After police was reached, they arrived on the scene late hours later. The chase to kill the crocodile was n’t easy either. The Giant beast was running into a deep water, avoided detection which took police and volunteer resident of the town hours before could caught up with it . But finally they caught up with it, with many motor boats, canoes in the river that day it was not easy for the crocodile escaping. Finally the giant beast was killed, later a watch was recovered on the mutilated hand of the deceased found in the stomach of the crocodile, unspoiled, running. The Anyuak called it “Nyang ye dechaa.

It story was a tragic, sad but true. Such incidents could have been avoided, But how? The answer is by interacting with locals, by asking relevant information.  I can explain: facts  local people are familiar with their own backyards.  They know exactly where to swim, where not swim. They know how where normal, danger currents of the river went. Finally they know about all the species living around them, it is important. They hold very priceless important information which most often they have been ignored by newcomers, passer strangers, tourists in to their state. 

Whatever tragedies that happened, to people who came here happened because there was disregard to disseminate accurate information to the strangers, they had done so it could have saved innocent lives. In other word the use of common sense to communicate stories by the local had also failed miserably.     

Bu come to think of it; the strangers also bear the blames because how can they go somewhere, where they don’t belong acted like they were from the local areas. What have they been thinking? It helps someone learn a little bit about wherever they go, it matters.  Whatever death, happening every times there was visiting tourists in our land was attributed the lack information from being recycle around by the locals, it had a damaging consequences, projecting bad images about the local natural environment, which can instill fear in the heart of tourists, restrained themselves from visiting the state. 


Ajumhara said...

It was true heard that too. Gilo write more, more stories man.

Ajumhara said...

It was true heard that too. Gilo write more, more stories man.

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