Friday, April 15, 2016


This week if there’s anything good Gambella diaspora community has seen for a very longtime was the visit of her Excellency Deputy Minister for Children Affair Alemitu Omot here in Minnesota. Her excellency visit was vital, at this juncture a time the Gambellan community have been longing, wanting a figure heads like her to bring together already break up pieces of her Diaspora community.

Well “what you see is what you get”, she was some kind of a school master who discipline her pupils by the loud gong and everybody was lineup neatly with protocol intact, made some diaspora elements disruptive and counterproductive behaviors disappeared into thin air. No nonsense. No bullshit.
Her Excellency spoke eloquently about the plight of community, she was aware of all the problems the community have been facing, without wasting of time she went straight to the points of all  contentions, saving huge time from confusion and illusion of usual diaspora meetings.

Madam Alemitu condemned, shamed those hardheaded noisy diaspora’s elements who talk too much with no good deeds on ground for the people they claimed they represent at home. She said you represented no body. She continues Gambella people do not want unelected people to represent them it is shame for those of you who wasted bigtime in the United States without a grasp of the US political culture, of the most civilized nation on earth.

 Madam Alemitu, reminded Gambella Diasporas of the important of the United States, its civilizational impacts on the people of the world, you are not the only one that came to the US for that matter but there are many others who have come from all over the corner of the planet, had obtained positive changes for their lives, with that they have changed others they had left behind but you here have done nothing for your families and your community at home.

She told them many of you talk too much for being genuine Ethiopian or authentic Gambellan, she challenged them you are not Ethiopian or Gambellan in words only but deeds by doing something for your countrymen you left behind, you don’t have the latter on the ground to back up your words for being a good and authentic citizen.
  Regarding regional politics; she challenged the overall wrong perception of political propaganda,  alienation by some diaspora’s elements of particular group of Gambella nationalities including others from the regional picture. She said it is wrong, it must stop. She said how come some of you have not learned, understand the diversity, multicultural institutions of the United States, all of you live here within this multicultural country and still you talk trash; all is about separation, division of ethnics along the skin color, linguistic lines.
She told them no one is more Ethiopian or more Gambellan than other Ethiopian nationalities it is wrong full stop.  She told them our country is blessed, it is the home of all humanity, we should cherish our mosaic build up, not tear-down the unique build up of our society. In fact our multicultural make up is our strength, it is our backbone it is those traits that made our country unique and we should be proud of our people for that matter.   She said talk less and do more at home for your people, for the sake of your own community do something positive to alleviate the suffering, the condition of your people. 

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