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Gambella: Myland Mypeople.

 I developed my land my people, story to look into ourselves, the Anyuawa people, our connection to our land, the general environment in the entire Anyuakland.
Some said, as Anyuak we got look at ourselves first, before we say something, charge, judge other people.  I narrated, the story expressed here, making it fit the local reality. This story I have written, was done in such a way that the language used is understood from the local, indigenous points of views, not another ways.

I will debate the concepts of land use, its belonging using the indigenous peoples thinking about the lands, their rights to occupying those lands, spaces. I will also challenge them about their rigid understanding about the public goods vs. private goods, see if I could shed lights on some of the arguments. I will make sure land developments is understood well, I will seek how to narrow down the gap of perceptions, and misperceptions. I will challenge rejectionist blind allegations, pursued against lands developments, see if I could convince my audiences about the important of land development, its impact on the community.     

 It is a local story, that looks at the natives complains from the indigenous peoples points of views. It is political current challenging government policy toward its ungovernable peripheries, including its invited multinational corporations.

Notwithstanding, the current land grabbing march toward their lands, the indigenous people have been outrage about the ongoing onslaughts, encroachments into what the Anyuawa people of Gambella considered spheres of gods. So the question is did we listen on all sides of the arguments: the state Vs. indigenous peoples. From what we know so far; we have been listening to one side of the story; that was only from indigenous perspectives, not the other way round.  
Historically, in this part of the world, before the influx of the settlers into what the Anyuawa considered, "Ngoma Anyuawa" the land of the Anyuawa people", there have been lots of forbidden lands of our ancestors, considered realms of gods or deities, the stories about these mystic places orally are told, and transmitted from generation to generation: the gods of water, lakes, pools, rivers, tributaries, the god hunting games, fishing, the gods of wars, the gods of crops etc...

Those are important realm of deities in the life of the natives’ people of Gambella. As one travel in the Anyuakland for example one might reached certain areas of the Anyuakland with so many tough, strictest rules.
Travelers were encouraged should they passes some kind of areas possessed by spirited world, to observed, pay tribute as told. For instant when crossing the rivers, walking in certain designated areas of forest, or fishing in certain exclusive areas like: pools or the lakes, or hunting, walking in some burial realms.

The Anyuak are warned when entering, the kind spheres of gods, that one is cautioned not tempers with the environment surrounding or break the laws of the gods when arriving these areas of the spirits, that with without the authorization from the men of the spirits world, who are dully responsible for okaying any actions, that might take place in those realms of gods. That one is punished the unthinkable conditions, one would otherwise have avoided by simply obeying those rules .

 For instant disobeying, not paying respects to the spheres of the spirits world, they say can make the gods angry, forbids one from accomplishing destiny undertaking, that one might endured curse accompanied by threats of bodily damage from the spirits.   
Now we have discussed how the native people see themselves in the realms of lands, their attachment to them. We shall now discuss the politics, socioeconomic part of the puzzles. I would try to make it understandable; it should be from the local points of views. Remember all politics are local, than regional, than national, than international.

In a nutshell the Anyuak, other native people charged, accused our national government, “the Ethiopian government” of land grabbing, land annexation, force or authorized land marketing, selling to Multinational Corporation without consent, consultations, drive from the indigenous people who own primarily the land of Gambella.   

Something must be understood here from regional geopolitical points views that’s the indigenous lands in Gambella are communal owned lands, that for corporations to trespass into previously uncharted territories, depleting, unearthing the natural habitats is the worse crimes one would do against indigenous people, who consider land, everything on land as life line of their living
And that protecting land, safeguarding the environment for the good of the all is the number one duty for them. The notion of land ownership by the communial groups is different from other cultures, who viewed land ownership as private things, devaluing the important communal land ownership, 2nd how lands are perceived by the people of Gambella is quite different from a settlers, or nomadic people views, and mindsets. For the indigenous groups of Gambella the question of land, land-belonging is dear to their hearts. The other world views that, land belong to: gods-gods, not man is dis-in genuine, irrelevant, dangerous as far as indigenous people are concern.  
 For example, some say well land belongs to gods; that no one should claim ownership of the lands. It is a wrong thinking, in the eyes of the native people, it is utterly considered nonsense. But let assume it is true, don’t you think that gods who made man to exist, by same token made  man owns lands he has created also, empowered the man with ownership, stewardship of the land?
Yes of course one must share the land, including everything on it but how, why, by whom? These are important questions, we must seek answers for them. I guess if one is late understanding land questions, their distributions among the god’s peoples, than it is too bad. Because the native people of Gambella  think that there are lands for everyone on this planet earths: that there lands as Nuerland,  Abasha land, Megengerland, Opouland, Ajibaland, Komoland,  Oromo land etc... So which land of the people we have mention one's going to take, sold it to the investors, and for what reasons? These questions also sometimes contradict each other’s because it negate public paradigm of land ownership.

For when I left twenty something years ago I had a land I inherited from my father, but due poverty, poor condition my family went through the land I think I owned was sold to someone and now he own the land but me I am landless, until I buy one.
The Anyuak, the Nuers, the Megengers, the Opou, the Komo, the Oromo, the Amhara, the Tegres, Gurages, own lands in Gambella town but the question is what did they do with the lands they own?

       One cannot just own land, do nothing, develop no something on it, prevented it from being develop by others who had knowledge about land developments. Why should we look at land development in negative terms?
There is one or two example I must give here; if a government want to railways from Dima to Gamnella, the railway track must come throughout one of those Anyuakland right?, inevitably is unavoidable. if I am rights than railway development is not a bad thing for our society, it is a good thing for the people of Gambella, because it eliminates transportation problems. 

In the 80s I live closed or to proximity of one of the crime infested neighborhoods, on Chicago Ave, Franklin Streets, "safe haven" for prostitution, gangbanging, drag pushing, with crimes rampant, threatened  the lives of the common citizen, with spillover of crimes complicating the livelihood of the business people, the peaceful citizens who want to go by with their daily living without threats or fear from outside. As a result of the increased crime rates many citizen left the neighborhoods, the area was left with no body, declared unlivable. But a few years later, let say in the 90s a group of wealthy investors took interest in the investment, revitalization, of the areas, building new infrastructure, repaired, rehabilitated old business enterprises centers with new ideas.

Today as one passes that area one would be very surprised looking,  glancing at the new faces of the business center, of what it has become, with quite residential area, with law abiding citizens living peacefully uninterrupted with daily crimes which was unthinkable in those days. It is different place now, with a different face lift. Nothing scary.

 Now the question I put to everyone is this: did everyone see now what investors can do with their money?  Yes for one to do development one needs capital, technology, capital would always come from privates, public entities. Yes there're dispossessions which come within the new outlook, but it was unavoidable in the history of developments. Nevertheless the new restructured facilities brought back the broken lives of the community, restored community: integrity dignity, honor, respect, to live, to produce.     
The question is, are those investors in Gambella different from the investors I had described, in my writing, in what way they are different?

I have read many literature on multinational corporations, investors investing huge money in Gambella in the area of agriculture, food production, creating jobs security which in return gave the locals: the ability to earn money, restored, dignity, integrity, honor respect, rekindled lost hope to live again, bringing food to the tables for their love ones.  

But nonetheless, these contributions by the multinational organization have been water down by some native elements, Diasporas groups working in ten dame with non-profits organizations, accused multinational corporations for land grabbing, of deletions, of environmental upsets.  

The problem here was no one understood the difference, or the distinction between "Public Goods vs. Privates Goods" for that matter; let me give you few examples, Public Goods: water, minerals, sands, gold’s, diamond, oil, gas, some land, fish, wildlife are public goods can be shared.

 Private Goods:  personal house, car, personal farm, personal oil company, private mineral waters, Cement Company, private land, are private goods, can or cannot be shared. But one can owned human relation, what is mine, mine alone: my wife or my woman, my child, my daughter, my son, my sister, my nephew, my cousin, my niece, therefore these belonging; all  human relations I have mentioned cannot be shared.
As you can see land that are occupied by the native people of Gambella most of them are in public domains, which means the national government had rights to exploit those lands, use them for the benefit of the public consumptions.
 All revenues generated from public goods as always goes to building the infrastructures of the country like: roads, schools, health clinics, water purification, public transportation, telecommunications, security, police, army, fire departments, and defense budgets. Etc...  
Those are the kind of things folks that are not understood by many, I obliged myself to sharing the ideas with my readers, see if had illuminated these distinctions for a better understanding.
By Amhare Gilo
A political science graduate, he can be reach at



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Gambella New Initiatives Teleconference was aired Today

The teleconference started at 4:33
What can we do as Anyuak for community?
Why up to date everything we have tried have been installed, many of them failed to reached their goals.

By anonymous speaker.

 The teleconference was launch today, discussed paramount, and important issues: the new agenda, or the new initiatives: the audience was stunned, and impressed by views that was delivered today by some of the smartest elements in our community. It was a stunning rebuttal against diatribes, useless innuendos concerning old ideas, with the guardians of new views, new undertaking swearing to deal with what might challenge the ongoing new initiative or new imperatives on Gambella’s social development of our times.

The New thinking, said the accord reached by participants should entertain the new imperative without fear from demagogues, false pretenders, failed elements of the arrested developments. From to date said the teleconference partisans who had gathered, listening to their speakers, we had to keep going, that the old imperatives to solving everything at one has been a disaster, most of them failed on the spot without fruition due to weakening agendas, incomprehensive working initiatives, the incompetence leaderships generated by unrepresentative chiefs, “pretenders”, inspirited groups, and diehards from within community.

These diehards, the audience agrees have been the main problems, obstacles to our unity, political development. They had ample times to straightened out their leaderships but failed, now they have been seen sowing the seeds of hates, working days, nights spearheading divisions in our society. Understandably, said some folks about these pretenders their main goals was not about peace, justice, stability, democracy, betterment of our society but greed, personal ego advancements, aggrandizement of their power politics, the drive to dive in the financial corruption, lust for the top positions in the higher echelons.

The apparatchiks of the already collapsed system of government had rigid, wrong perception of governance, discarded institutionalism, organizational disciplines which made them not answerable to the people they had to go govern. And that they have bitten the hands that fed them to their necks while the majority populace have been suffering miserably under their feet, by contempt to the law of the country they have been throwing sand in the eyes of their followers, spin doctoring misunderstandings among members of the community.

 They abused empowerment bestowed upon them by the community by planting dangerous poisonous seeds of misunderstanding, that brought by confusion among the community members, by them conspiring, sabotaging communal unity, harmony, they have been erecting thorny trees in the midst of the community, prevented members of the community from interactions, from communicating. And with them at doors barricading of the fence, putting down the all alternatives in the new initiatives brought by others to build, renewed, structure our society.  

Everyone agrees that we had to accept the new objective reality, and to acknowledge current paradigm shift in the world politics. That even though some of us do not like the present government, but as citizens we are obliged to talk, engage, reason in the arts of diplomacy, and bring about peace, prosperity to our nation. The Audience agrees that we must talk, express our views to the government, on matters of public discourse. We must explain to our government all problems pertaining our immediate concern, not see the government as enemy whose understanding the political situation of Gambella must be only through force, bullets, a zero sums game with no other alternatives, with no winner in the on going games. Notwithstanding these games, the old ideas has not been working so far, have been counterproductive regional wise. That we have take it into consideration all options to bring about peace and prosperity to our region.

 And that we understand fully well that our concern about the plights, the suffering of our people whose fates surmounting difficulties at this moment are at critical junctures, that something must be done to alleviate the suffering of the populace. There are lots of humongous problems big, small concerning governmental policy at regional, federal level of governments. The AYUAWA minority of origin have been wrongfully persecuted as such, labeling them, wronging many Anyuawa people as problems brewers; at the same token as wrong were too some of the Anyuak elements who were/are just targeting the mountaineers or the highlanders from the highlands as their enemies.

The audience condemned these wrong perceptions, urge the government do something to easy up tensions. The Highlanders said audiences have been living side by side with the Anyuak people for hundreds of years in harmony, had a common shared values among them. That they shouldn’t be target because of their origins, that Anyuak also should not be single out as trouble maker, always suspected as rebel whose rebellion had brought misery at home. We should work hard in the clearance of our names off crimes said the conference participants, focus on our number one enemy: tumults, chaos, instability poverty hunger, backwardness, division, tribal conflicts, and lack of developments.

 After all speakers were done, to tell the truth I was completely amazed, astonished, excited with views put forth by the participants which challenged all odds against the new thinking. My friends I am astonished, speechless about Anyuawa language development so far, used during this conference. It was scientific, and no mumbo-jumbo, a very contemporary language related to Gambella reality.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

I am not Political Correct, I dont' like Political Correctness.

Let me speak my mind a little bit here. For example are you not or are some of you not sick, tired about former authoritarian regimes household servants preaching you the goodness of their times: When I was this, that, done this, that; expressing most worst believes, politically deadly pass issues, trumpet them like glories in the ears of their naïve audience.

Even though many had suffered under their feet, their rights neglected, with extra judicial abused power of the courts. The incompetence administrative, bureaucratic hot headed elements of the old fallen regime still had their nostalgic dreams fool them that they still could bring back the old totalitarian malfunctioned regime to our land? Well if you are like me I am tired of them too.

These brothers were sorry souls; I rather listen to birds songs sang to my ears than these sorry soul of folks, decadents of the past preaching the "good old days come back" the old remnants appeared to have learned nothing from the agony our society had undergone through with their butts on the neck of our people.

Honestly they had nothing to show for except lip services. If need be the public must abandoned them from participating in the public realm of politics, or encourage them to retire from public discourse. I bet this is the right ways, the only good way to preventing our society from falling in hands incompetence, corrupt administrative elements.

of course the diehards instead of apologizing for their past gloomy deeds, correctly stand in line with the progressive forces to build future for the generation to come. Instead I see no reformed minded here, in fact they un-reformabled, or unchanged but stagnant. And I am sorry to say this: " these are diehards " they are what we called in Amharic "alemot bye tagadie " unelected officials undemocratic, slicks, pretenders spiritually corrupt officials who had pretended to knowing it all, arrested the development of our nation, undead whose believes in the resurrection of the old times, still fanning for come back.

I think the warning must be prompt to the Gambella people that the barbarians are coming toward them. In fact, the barbarians are already by the gate trying to climb the fence, that they should watch out or lookout for infiltrators among them. And that those elements of destruction wear the same outfit like the commoners,wanted this time around to resurrect what already dead, would like the dead system revived, regenerated, introduced it with funny picture, that hoodwinks populism with attractive name like "the new republican party of Ethiopia" felach korach " hybrid like system with tight draconian rules.

The diehard crepes have arisen from dead, they are fighting back with their claws, with everything they lay their hands on, dragged on the broad masses under their control. The fight my friends would be ugly with no winner as far as I am concern. I am also more concern with current government trickery regarding the slow process democratization. It seems to me the ongoing democratization is backsliding, turning into farce.

There're believes that what went right also went wrong in the fight to change our system of governance. How can we bring the true system of government by allowing many deadwood into government, allowing them to reign uncontrollably, and stifled democracy. How can move forward with partial democracy look alike government, an impediment to what's rights, susceptible to what is wrong, very secretive, anti-open democracy system of federalism.

I am convinced what we have at home is not democracy at all but tribal, balkanized nature of the government determined to bread feuds between our nationalities. The democratic process we have begun must be revitalized, consolidated, we must work hard to achieve those goals. We must bring all the citizen to participate in it. We must embraced the old, the young folks with reformed minds, who are not tautologies, have not been brainwashed, not susceptible to cowry or fears, would not succumbed to trickery generated by the enemy of our nation-hood.

 Democracy the rule of law must be the banner we wave in our hands in the democratization of our nation, nothing short. I agree new ideas must be entertained, democratic forces must be energized, fire up for the dynamic changes upfront.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Kewa Kiddy: Those mountain ranges are our border)

If I stand at the center of the Marktao in Gambella, facing east, I am reminded of different natural habitat across the mountain ranges.  Beyond” Kew a kiddy” there are mountain ranges naturally presumably mark as demarcated border" the Anyuak called it "Kewa Kiddy" Those Mountain Ranges are our Border. Beyond those mountain ranges there are people and empire which govern them called “Degas”, with degas sew the highlanders or the mountaineers who have been coming here before the annexation of our lands by the lord of degas. The encounter was first friendly, mutual; it was for the benefit of the two people. The two encounters  exchanged goods through barter, there was no need for currency. No one was interested in them currency anyway. The society here had not known paper money before do not know the use of it, therefore it was meaningless. There was no actual monetary system of the day, if there was one introduced it was called Teresa. The problem was how can one buy a chicken, in what money under what value of money?

The Teresa money introduced by the Italian in one year of the occupation of the Gambella land was in circulation for about a year, than abandoned, it was valueless tender ready only for extinct. The native then were not familiar with currency. Frustrated with the highlanders deception and deceit ingenuousness refused be fooled in the dealings. As they say “render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar and unto god the things that are god’s” the Anyuak who were dealing with highlanders see greediness, trickery as the main objective so out frustration out of their good hearts they just gave the chickens to them for free, get the hell out of the market quickly, return home where they belong with few purchases of goods most of them essential such as salt skin, cream, sheet to cover their upper body with, that’s all.  

 As I said the meeting of our two people in the beginning was friendly, market oriented, it was awesome, cool. After the first encounter the news carried by those highlanders who return Degas was that Gambella was potentially rich with plenty, with abundant everywhere one's goes. the news spread like wild fire with its flame reaching beyond the mountains, attracted many to come, take a plunge in  the wealth of milk and honey. Unlike previous visitors or the people in expeditions who came to hunt for buffalo’s and take home buffalos horns; this time around it was not the people in the expeditions any more who came to the land of Gambella, This time around those who came were “some tera sew” or some commoners if like to take part in the new found gold rush of Gambella. According the number of the new émigrés from highland begin to increase exponentially this times with hundreds of them occupying part of the new town called “Loa Amhara”. “Amhara territory” it was land relinquished by the Italian occupation force during World War II.

Anyway what begin as cool, friendly atmosphere turn itself into feud with” degas's sew” condescending the natives people with tricks, lies, swindling, as the saying goes around “ the stranger who slept  in the Brenda for a period of times one day forcefully kicked the owner of the house out of his room, and occupying it for good”. The Anyuak called it “Jure pinycaame ki tagola” Now they own the political power. They decide who should get what and why?  At moment they tell us what to think, what to say, what to love and what to dislike.  If one says something different, they called one’s name out, chastised one as narrow nationalist. It is ugly word, a term that simplifies human nature to a single digit.  Those who are or who were in power had in them some sort of occult personality, had shielded themselves with all political lexicons one fine to subdue the broad masses.   It was by meaning a system close to autocratic run by kleptomaniacs who had the guts to putdown people thymos the “spiritedness” to fight for one’s rights, narrow nationalism as pejorative word has been used on anyone who’s the native of Gambella. It doesn’t matter what ethnic groups’ one belong to or what color one is all about. All were guilty as a whole. One had no power to fight back, the draconian rules but kowtowed to it.  The power of the people of Gambella as they say in Congo Kinshasa was eaten whole.

 There’s now a struggle for recognition, the thymos or the desire for recognition is burning like a wild fire. It is a desire that our people are demanding: Democracy, equality, justice and free fair election for all under the democratic system of government. It is people demand floating, surfacing at the moment; it is current it is from all corner of the territory. We understand clearly about what type of government we had at home. A semi authoritarian government with no rule of law, embedded within quasi democratic system. It is a hybrid of authoritarianism and centralism with features of command system of government. It is with no sheer shame to say what we have is illiberal system of government to borrow Freed Zacharias’s word, it is not democratic enough; it is what we in the political community call quasi authoritarian system directed by one chauvinist ethnic grouping over the rest of the majority nationals.

 The whole majority, their democratic rights are at constant violation by the federal government. To understand the today’s system of government in our country one must look at structure, see who are the followers , and who are on the top or higher echelon. From looking at power structure so far Ethiopia as a country is run by Tigrean chauvinist from the north, backed by followers from the north-south west- east, and the rest. The so call representatives of the people in my view represented no one but their selfish-individual interests.  It is true, that Ethiopia is an old country with a legal rational state where rule of law exist but only in the book, it is a  patrimonial state, where the cult personality evade public discourse with individual being the center of everything for one to achieve something or to move ahead at something. It is a corrupt system of government where individual has to lean on someone, to become somebody at high level of its institutions or echelons. It is system in which no one punishes anyone for violating penal codes with the rule of laws.

Thus individuals who are criminal in every branch of government or in every bureaucracy had protection rendered to them by the so call federal government, they have been let go to room around freely as players in the realm of politics, economic, social schemes. To challenge these regional lords is not an easy task to do as it may seem. Several years back there have been many attempts in the political developments to correct the system of government in the region but to no veil all the attempts failed because the dynamic forces eclipsing around as centrifugal for change have not been powerful enough to upset the political balance, as a result of political vendetta by the predatory state , many were preyed upon, with some disappearing where no one knows where they went, who was behind their disappearance, more also jailed, send to prisons accused  by the regional security apparatus who randomly hunted down the Gambella intelligentsia groups. And without trial by jury many of our compatriots have been languishing in jails for man-many years and no one cares about the violation of their human rights.

 The 2003 massacred of the Anyuak intellectual at the daytime is a case in point. The killers had all the names listed on the papers, carried them in their hands knowing exactly where to go whose house to burn down, and who to kill. In those gloomy days, many observer of the unfolding tragedy had this to say about 2003 massacred of 400 Gambella people in broad daylight. " What happened yesterday in broad daylight was a massacred of innocent people". It was catastrophic crime committed against humanity. A shameful chapter in the history of the Gambella people.  

The Ethiopian state of government did nothing to prevent the tumults, the insecurity created by havoc. The international community accuses Ethiopia for standby, for failing miserable to protect rights of its citizens from harmful megalomaniacs racist brigades who wanted nothing but destruction and lawlessness. To us in the diaspora Ethiopia was a failed state, because what happened in Gambella is the attribute of failed state which can no longer manage its state of affairs, a state without rule of law. A state that lacks true governances, with no transparency is bound for havoc and chaos. It is a sad story in the history of our country.

 How a government can set, watched its other citizens wacked, and killed others, burn down houses. To date no one was locked up for killing; the culprits are still at large, free with no justice for the innocent victims, with justice still delayed.  The elites in the region deserved no respect from the people of Gambella. In fact they had many things to answer for: the dereliction of duty and responsibility and accountability, they know very well that they are under public surveillance, suspected of corruption, insecurity, and working in tandem with corrupt official in the federal government, who has created the atmosphere of fear and intimidations. The people wishes them to peacefully relinquish powered but most were diehards “alemot buytegadie” who by all means cling to power at all cost, laying down minefields to complicate due process, and hang on to power.

 It is not difficult to understand what choices we had to take, or we are made to think of. I guess freedom is not choice, one either is to become salve or freeman and the struggle for freedom continue as long as there are subject and lords. Why accept tutelage when one can struggle to gain freedom.

No one can fight for liberty of somebody. No one has to promised somebody gift of freedom, cannot be delivered on the silver plate. Those who live under the false pretext are only endangering themselves. Again no one should wish us one paradise on earth, it is brutish savagery out there with everyone struggling to preserve oneself in realm of dignity and integrity honor, respect and the recognition for self-worthiness. We all agree corruptions, incompetence, lack of transparency in the governing are enemy of peace and stability.

For one cannot represent the aspiration of the exploited mass through secrecy. One must understand what representation is all about, it must be democratic, open ended and must real. It is only democracy that the masses are represented fairly equally. Otherwise a system is not democratic until all the grassroots civil society is empowered and entrusted  to carryon the task of mobilization, francization of the democratization process.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Otuelo: What went Right also must have gone Wrong, What went wrong also must have gone Right.


Do have a job asked a village man, Otuelo said no I don't, it is not important, but why old man why asked this kind of question?  The old man apologizes, said sorry I thought we are from one village. One village my foot, replied Otuelo, old man warned Otuelo mind your business. 

The irony is the person in question was not a good man. Otuelo, his gang entourages had ganged around causing much troubles and mischiefs between villagers. They have changed around most peaceful bounders between villages into hell of terror. The fear of terror is real in the path way to west of Gambella As always with crimes the innocents were the ones to suffer the most heinous crimes directed by outlaws.

 Along the river bank of Openo; village after village have been terrorized, burn down either by government security apparatus or by the fugitive elements lurking in the bushes. Neither of them, who hold power over the neck of the people, gave a damn about the sufferings of people in the hands of them. In the name of progress some say don't talk but just accept the unacceptable, were used as instrument to deny our people the right to protest over the disputed lands.

 How can one's stomach takes the suffering of our people, and normally sleep over it.  In the name of freedom fighters, the liberation movement behind it asked no questions for fear that one is going to be labeled unpatriotic, and condemned as sold out creature to foreign interests, castigated as good only to pleasing newly implant masters. And  without question they would like us gave them our most precious belonging, forced us to understand the inevitable, that we are told what belong to us and only us supposed to belong to them also,  including our female children, and  our women.

 There are plenty of stories in this part of the country, some of the untold for fear and insecurity. A lot but only the victims know about them. A lot of peasants, their children have disappeared under the pretext of the security. Along the river Openo, under the close watchful eyes of the criminals, the police many died and disappeared, some say the criminal and the law enforcement in tandem have created insecurity determined for havoc. 

Openo the river, the Openians, "the people who live along the bank of the river have been categorized as "source of terrorism" in the Anyuakland. The government attitude toward these areas is terrible, with reasons only understood by them. The question is why all the terror would come from such places as Nykwo, Pinkaw, and Chaam of the Openo.

To understand nexuses of crimes against our people one have to wait for my oncoming article titled "Kewa Kiddy" Those mountains ranges are our border" As I said earlier the villages to the south of Gambella were the center piece of peasants rebellion, it was here that our brothers took arms, defied the unchecked excess of militaristic government of Mengistu Haile Mariam. The villages along the river were dubbed as "safe haven" for terrorists and terrorism flashpoints" these areas of course was the recruiting centers of guerrillas movement, had served their objective as magnets, attraction center for Anyuak youths movement who picked arms against the totalitarian government of Mengistu Haile Mariam.

 The Government without knowledge of Anyuak culture and the values it contained had forcefully tried to subdue the villagers without understanding the source of violence. The government in many ways failed to become part of the solution. It was true that there was no solution to the problem affecting our society from the government. In fact government is not a solution to the problem affecting the native people who were ready to throw of the yoke of domination. We the people of Gambella were the only antidote to our problems. The rest are money eating worms, they should set and watched in our approach with solutions. Before the downfall of the military juntas two decades ago our youths in the area of Ogol had get rid of the rampant conflicts between villages, as a result peace and stability was restored while the official army, the political cadres were numbed swimming in the pool of alcohol.

 Therefore when it comes to our homeland security, the government or any government imposed upon us was not a solution at all but problem.  They are there to plunder deep, enrich themselves.  And the situation is dire and worse off all. The government is responsible for creating such a dire conditions, with every measure of impunity the government takes all the times, the government has created grim and poisonous situation. For a long times the people here have been the subject of untold mass terrorism, frightened of insecurity, many cowed to accept the unacceptable situation.

 Gang or No Gang, how can one with a clear mind of reasoning made to understanding all the social vices: things have hinged out of order, there were crimes reported today from our society that are original foreign:  rapes of innocent girls, stealing or abducting children for sale, what about the forceful confiscation of innocent people properties under the guns. On top of that people were being ambushed, on road their properties and money ransacked with impunity. Otuelo, his sycophants caught red-handed had lied to their teeth with perfection. The arts of lying, deception have hidden the truth that many quarrels here begin like a joke between our village people, that part of the river bank were all his, people should never forget about it but forgive each other.

 At one time the world here belong Otuelo, gangsters, they know from day one who’s in, and who’s out there. All the circumstance around them had dictated all the event coming, shared all the largess or ill-gotten spoils with all the village neighborhoods of the villages they went into, No one say with right fully mind that he or she did not dipped their hands in bounty or in the milk and honey. Frequently things were coming, flowing like waterways into many of the villages that were courted to support them. You look at them something tells you not right. How come they look polished, happy with no jobs? What lies in them no one knows? They have plenty; they spent plenty to access power and privileges.

A generation of positive attitude about now and negative later. They have abandoned normal village life and went to the gold rush area to get rich quick or engaged in highway robbery, adapted lawless bush life. Men who are players like, comic likes, had no desire for one rule do not want to be the rule by law. For these men if they hear that a village this or a village that has a kingdom or chiefdom they would automatically imposed their own version sanctions, members were encouraged to boycotting from entering these villages. And for them they are enemy of liberty, number one enemy. Encourage and supported by diaspora financial backup they have been told not buy and invest at home but when asked why, no body answer only to say that we don't want the government to profit from diaspora home infusion of money. A case that would not convince many because it negated the reality on the ground that the Anyuak who own the land have no businesses on their lands.  How can one boycott all foreign business franchises, when they had none to go too. For many they preferred bush life because it give them no headache about responsibility and accountability to no one
 Their Utopian version life without constraints compelled drove them away from the civilization. Now they must challenge the authority; in no way would they submit their inalienable rights under chieftain rules. They were men who have proven themselves that they can leave without government in their lives; they seek for themselves a libertarian version of limitless freedom. Or instant life style, not permanent one were the desire goals. 

These are men who want to have it all, at once without time but now. They are men who careless about tomorrow. Of course they were men who hadn’t had good home cooked food for a very long times at "wimatch", including they have forgotten what “apade” or spoons meant for. Socially they were men with poor educational background remnants, and dropout from old the order, primary schools perhaps. But one should also be surprised to see how skilled these men are; they can write about anything, they do it well, well.
Dr. Dr. says, everyone, calling, them; even when they know that he was not a Dr. but a medical dresser or other medical professions. It is a titled one is proud in this communal community. Title indeed, as the British parliamentarian lord Acton once said, I paraphrase “ For one political community to be recognize as political community of a given; one must recognized who one is so for one to proclaim self-determination. As legitimacy in politics is concern it is the right way to go. Before abandonment of township lives by the forces that went to bushes something must have gone rights, and then also something must have wrong. But what went right must have also gone wrong, what went wrong also must have gone right later on.

 Anyhow, after years of hideout, fugitive’s life style; Otuelo was in violation of the transnational border crossing, sanction, against contact with other villages. A violation of security, boundaries, territorial integrity of other people.  It was difficult for the village people to decide what course action to take, should they decide something as punishment for Otuelo? If they decide any course of action against Otuelo, they too must decide one for themselves, for harboring, containing Otuelo without proper knowledge of the authority. Without doubt Otuelo is the victim of local lords, scrambling game of power, punishments. But all wrong points toward other direction.

 For they wondered, wondered why a man like Otuela could cause many mischiefs between communities, and he does not stand up for his troubles.


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