Wednesday, August 31, 2016

We live in an interesting time, you wouldn’t believe it that Donald Trump scored 85% percent grading from me. And if you asked me several months ago what grade would I have given him I beg I would have told you the man doesn’t deserved my grading at all. He was below my expectation but now I saw him reformed he has scored good grades from me, that’s it he has earned it. I am proud of him for looking presidential on public diplomacy and diplomatic mission. It is his first leg trip to Mexico or for that matter to a sovereign country representing America. He is changed man now, from what I heard him saying on the podium that's not the Donald I know. This Donald Trump I saw through the media was calm and insightful articulately spoke with clarity that’s a different Donald Trump.
I come to think of that Donald Trump was a victim un-coached behavior, coupled with mudslinging from his political opponents that media picked on, preyed him for the worst and presented hate images of him to the public as uncaring buffoonery tycoon who knows nothing except the silver platter he always eat from was the gravest mistake in the American politics. But my friends both pundits and bandits got him wrong, the man cares a lot about the little people, just listen to the speech he gave in Mexico with open mind before you judge him, you will fine Donald as an interesting fellow. Last but least change is a “constant motion”, only human is capable in adapting and adopting changing circumstances. Donald Trump did, we should give him credit.

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