Friday, May 27, 2016

Anyuak History 101 for Dummies

In a nutshell I have never heard of Anyuawa king of king but I have learned since childhood the existence of kings and chiefdom in the Anyuawaland and there were many of them in the old days scattered in different geographical locations. There is king of Otallo, next is prince of Ajuwara, there is king of Pochalla, king of Obudi, the rest of the kings were at batnam Akobo, two Abobo kings, Aparawagna, each king reigns within his own jurisdictions.There's no such thing as United Kingdom Of Anyuawa, like in the United Kingdom of England where other kings have been defeated during cyclical wars by English king of England, united other kingdoms under one rule called today United kingdom, 

 In larger part, the Anyuakland was under chiefdom, every entity whether it is kingdom or chiefdom were independent of each other’s. I do not know why some had poor recollection of Anyuawa history. I find some people poor to tell their own oral history as it is. I for one do not know that much either. Although I am knowledgeable in history and politics, had the ability to bend, twist, spin and muddy something in politics if I want to but I would never, ever attempt to pure sand on history.

And my main theme of argument here is that please ask or question if possible, if you don’t know anything about Anyuwa history learn from those who know more about the origins of kingship and chiefdom of the Anyuak society. History is not something one could invents to suit political goals. It is not something one could shove out like mass grain out of a canoe either. It must be learn orally or in writings. No one should temper with history or no one should revise history for comforts of one’s power ambition or political interest. We had enough historical revisionism thrown at our faces by implanted external forces already in our midst at this moment of time, with wanton alteration of our land names, symbols, cultural heritages, twisted settlements patterns.

 The exported parallel ideological onslaught were concocted, brewed by external and internal enemies as poisoned wines to make everybody drunk, intoxicated, dies at the door of history. At one hand we have mindless elements who are bent to revise the history of the Gambellan people under the banner of national unity, substituting it with land aggrandizement, or land expansionism a direct front against history. On the other hand we have egotists, ballooned headed king of kings idealists in our house, given who can even sleep with devil to advance their own egotistic mantra,causing senseless feuds, and wages among the commons

 Nevertheless attempted poisoning of history did not work well for them though it had few victims as was later discovered after assessments. The revisionism did not get anywhere but rejected, thrown in the dustbin of history by our peace loving people. And our people stand tall protecting historical heritages, they wouldn’t kowtow or succumbed to no body, even under the heavy weapons of mass destruction of irresponsible regimes. I beg history is on our side for sure. No birr or dollars or handout jobs or development programs would blindfold us from claiming our rights. Whether it is democracy or totalitarianism it is irrelevant to natural rights of our people.  

It is a concerned of every born citizen of Gambella to rally under what is rightfully ours, and we should stand shoulder to shoulder countering the forces of revisionism. Otherwise we are finished, the conspirators have outdone us in their treacherous schemes, soon will have no above mentioned symbols of identity in the near future. Let me go back to the underlining theme: No one is objecting history of chiefdom and kingdom for the argument sake, Kingdoms and Chiefdom have been parts and parcels of our historical and political developments, and legacies. But for some reason few among us had the audacity to bent, manipulate Anyuawa history by chemistry, artificially adding flavors to make it test good for the mouth of a particular group here in the Diasporas, that’s unacceptable.

However with due respect, these elements I am talking about were unashamed of their behaviors they have smuggled useless ideology to Anyuakland on the back of some foot solders, some trained “Nyiyiest cadres” of revisionism, and land expansionists instruments. But attempts to make everybody drink the wine of the poison root of history from my understanding did not go well as planned either by the enemy of the Anyuawa people or by the “Nyiyiest mouth piece cadres” to date everything had backfired at revisionists at both parallel course of political spectrum, no amount of alliances created with despotic regimes could change the struggle of our people to secure their rights of history. No amount of bribery could wash way the damage done to the sanctity of our people. But we must rise equally; oppose this new treacherous and dangerous phenomenon together.    

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