Friday, September 21, 2012

Ajumhara Journal congratulated Hialemaraim Desalign Ascension to power.

Ajumhara journal passes on its congratulatory message to his excellency Dasalegin Hailmariam on his new post as Prime Minster of Ethiopia. The journal also praised the ruling party the EPDRF for its wise decision in handling the smooth transfer of political power.  We are gladen that everyone was behind the party for this tough decision to prevail. No doubt that democracy, democratization is in its full gears, and in its full speed in our country.

The country is metamorphosing ahead, there is no turning back. Democracy must takes its full course without fear from the fallout. It is a messy system but better to live under democracy than to live under autocracy, dictatorship or under no democracy at all.  We know also that democracy goes hand in hand with lots of problems. But those problems are going to wither away as democratic political culture matured, the consolidation of democratic mechanism is embolden. Democracy must strive for better goals of social developments, it must flourished, it should become the only language spoken in towns, cities, and across the nation at large. Ethiopia is going to be blessed, and proud when we all spoke one universal language, that is democracy.  

The Ajumhara Journal urge all citizens to stand behind PM Desalign on his new task to tackle what our country is embarked on right now: the fight against poverty, the fight against illiteracy,  the fight against diseases, famines, and food shortages, the fight against backward looking economic developments in all realms. These are our number one enemies. And these are our age old enemies, and our old times problems. 

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Legitimacy: In The Sphere of Politics
             Legitimacy it is a political word used by many in different varieties of societal day to day operations. But the real meaning of it is in politics rather than other areas of social takes. In the political community the word legitimacy is used a lot to describe certain aspects of political features: leadership legitimacy political party legitimacy or organizational legitimacy and departmental legitimacy, governmental legitimacy. The list goes on, on. Let’s take the leadership legitimacy for example.  Most of us believe that a democratic elected leader is legitimate, that is not say the election process is pure without problems. But any democratic would be leader before he or she claims the legitimacy leadership must go through the election process where she/he would be contesting other people eyeing for the same position.  

          Thus it is fair to say that the winner of the election process was a legitimate person, and therefore should be accorded power to go ahead, form a government of the people. A government of the people is a legitimate government and it is called a democratic government.  On the other hand of the political decay we have leaders who get into power through the barrel of the guns, that is juntas composed of military men and women or through a prolong war of guerrilla warfare that is authoritarianism, or through rigged election, that is autocratic or through the window or the backdoor, that is personal government or government by connection. It is where nobody asked you who the hell are you? How did you get in here?  The former is legitimate but later is illegitimate.
   Long time ago in the Anyuak land the chiefs of the Anyuak land or pa-Anyuawa conduct certain procedures to appoints titles upon their subjects. I believe certain ceremony is issued at “bura” with festive activities where the chief would announce, declared title upon select few already in his disposition.  It was done not by secret consultation but conferring with elders of the community. Thus giving the chief an overall power to announcing names of would be title men loud, and clear to the gathered people at bura, to those listening from behind the bura.

            After proceeding, than food and drink is served, followed with merry dance, and songs.  Therefore when we look back at pa-Anyuawa political culture we all can agree the process of political empowerment although not democratic as in the sense of western concept of democracy; but the question of legitimacy as we saw here was answered and completed and it was genuine. Men were titled among their peers, selected among rank and files of their social groupings; without doubt they were legitimate men because their legitimacy took place in the eyes of the majority people seated at bura, also heard from behind bura by those listening.   

Bura Aganya Cero Nykuwar:
 Bura Agayna makes you kuwro. It was Nyang Rondiel a nuer fellow by ethnicity; who boasted that unless someone was titled like him at Bura Aganya, than no one should dared questioned his authority. Again legitimacy comes to mind here, it is important in this case. Let me brief you about Bura Anganya. Hitherto, during first south Sudanese liberation movement, by the way the first south Sudanese movement name was Anyanya I.  Anyanya I then used the bura of Nykuwar as center stage for their rank and file promotions and for demotions also.  It is here that the leadership of Anyanya I announced titles, declared promotions for war-front battalions, brigades, also demotions of ranks for those who did misbehaved, and for lack of good performances. The leaders of the Anyanya I movement exactly announce titles pronounce names, declared validations  in front of the rank and file of the movement , the guerrilla forces, as you can see here their system also is the exact replica or copy of the Anyuak system of government .

Conclusion:   How you came to power is important because it is the question of legitimacy. A democratic leader; he or she must come to power in politics through political process. A traditional leadership that comes to power like ours also is legitimate because there are certain mechanism intact that checks the excess of the spoil chiefs, and his cabinets, his appointees. No one under any circumstances should call himself chief unless he was titled at bura in front of his peers. Simple, but True.    

Amhare Gilo

Saturday, September 8, 2012


We are waiting, and the world is waiting for Deputy PM to be sworn in as PM to complete the years left of Melese's tenor.  But unfortunately the swearing process did not happen. Something seems to be holding the fate, and the destiny of the deputy PM.  Why? The answer is no one knows. And nobody had the answer. There’s something fishy about this case, no one will ever know until the political party that govern the country manned up, and give the general public straight answers. You see if a dark goat scape from its owner hand in the darker night, ran into its sanctuary, I guess let her not forget, feel comfortable because soon morning will come, the owner will grab her by her neck, and pull her out its room. I guess what I am saying is if something like reverse process is going on I think it is unacceptable, it is not a workable solution. The country must deal with saboteurs punish those responsible for jeopardizing the democratic dispensation. We want peaceful hand over of political power; it must take place now, and without delay. The world is watching, listening how Ethiopia is going to handle this case. It is the measure of so called democratization, how it is holding in Ethiopia. Otherwise we are going back to what Solomon Takalign call ulum zero zero, everyone is zero-zero. And the prospect of it will not be going to look good at all.

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