Friday, September 21, 2012

Ajumhara Journal congratulated Hialemaraim Desalign Ascension to power.

Ajumhara journal passes on its congratulatory message to his excellency Dasalegin Hailmariam on his new post as Prime Minster of Ethiopia. The journal also praised the ruling party the EPDRF for its wise decision in handling the smooth transfer of political power.  We are gladen that everyone was behind the party for this tough decision to prevail. No doubt that democracy, democratization is in its full gears, and in its full speed in our country.

The country is metamorphosing ahead, there is no turning back. Democracy must takes its full course without fear from the fallout. It is a messy system but better to live under democracy than to live under autocracy, dictatorship or under no democracy at all.  We know also that democracy goes hand in hand with lots of problems. But those problems are going to wither away as democratic political culture matured, the consolidation of democratic mechanism is embolden. Democracy must strive for better goals of social developments, it must flourished, it should become the only language spoken in towns, cities, and across the nation at large. Ethiopia is going to be blessed, and proud when we all spoke one universal language, that is democracy.  

The Ajumhara Journal urge all citizens to stand behind PM Desalign on his new task to tackle what our country is embarked on right now: the fight against poverty, the fight against illiteracy,  the fight against diseases, famines, and food shortages, the fight against backward looking economic developments in all realms. These are our number one enemies. And these are our age old enemies, and our old times problems. 

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