Saturday, September 8, 2012


We are waiting, and the world is waiting for Deputy PM to be sworn in as PM to complete the years left of Melese's tenor.  But unfortunately the swearing process did not happen. Something seems to be holding the fate, and the destiny of the deputy PM.  Why? The answer is no one knows. And nobody had the answer. There’s something fishy about this case, no one will ever know until the political party that govern the country manned up, and give the general public straight answers. You see if a dark goat scape from its owner hand in the darker night, ran into its sanctuary, I guess let her not forget, feel comfortable because soon morning will come, the owner will grab her by her neck, and pull her out its room. I guess what I am saying is if something like reverse process is going on I think it is unacceptable, it is not a workable solution. The country must deal with saboteurs punish those responsible for jeopardizing the democratic dispensation. We want peaceful hand over of political power; it must take place now, and without delay. The world is watching, listening how Ethiopia is going to handle this case. It is the measure of so called democratization, how it is holding in Ethiopia. Otherwise we are going back to what Solomon Takalign call ulum zero zero, everyone is zero-zero. And the prospect of it will not be going to look good at all.

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