Monday, November 25, 2013

Education was Echoed by Every Participant at Obang Okumo’s Graduation Ceremony as the Key to Anyuawa Future.

 It was very cold day Saturday when we left Minneapolis, at 11:30 to attend Obang Okumo’s graduation ceremony at Austin Minnesota.   It was a 2hrs or one-half very long hectic drive but anyway we hit the road to Austin.  As they say one must go social activities, for one must also acquire social responsibility, accountability responsibility for each other’s.  Anyway I am social animal, who likes to mingle, associate with others for important social forms of activities.  I appreciated the invitation, so were my friends too.   We drove-drove, crossed, crossed, passed by, went by many rural towns, terrains but Austin still not even nearby. 

 We thought we were going to be late, worried a little bit; our concern was justifiable because the scheduled on the invitation paper tells us the Graduation party procession starts at 12 o’clock PM.  And we don’t want to be late comers, who walked into something where we all would be alerting everyone sited to look behind their back, which is a very shameful episodes,  I had learned, experienced while I was young that at the primary school, I hated it, I don't like being looked at with unfriendly gestures.

 But fortunately, I can say we were lucky bunch of dudes nothing happened to us like what I was describing.  By the time we got at the church compound it was 1:45, we look around there was no other cars but us. We thought we may have the wrong place; we let one of us called the man in charge himself Mr. Obang Okumo. 
We found out he too was one of unfortunate man that day, who was too busy bringing back and forth everything provisional from Owatonna to  Austin church without getting help from others at same town with him except for Mr. Akway Okado who helped him, who like us came from far way Minneapolis.   

Anyway the ceremony started at 3:30 Anyuawa time, with sermon after sermon, by the time they were done, it was 8:30 PM. I was almost collapsing with diabetic, I needed something to eat or drink something sweet. I left the hall to look for soda vending machine, I couldn’t find one. I came back, before I enter the hall I met somebody I know long time, who goes by the name James Akodhi , I stated my condition to him, was so sorry for the predicament I was in. he said let’s go to the Walgreen, as we tried to exist the vicinity, a lady who might had heard us talking told us don’t leave we have a lot of soda at the church brought by members for this occasion, what’s going how can something like this happened without help being rendered to you? We said it is okay, she went inside, brought me some soda, in a nick of time I was fine, my headache was gone.  I thank those people for their concern of me.  At 9:00 PM the allotted time for distinguished speakers, friends of Obang Okumo begun but many were not around or didn’t show up at all as they were called one after another.

Finally Gugo Obang was present; he was called to the podium to give his memoir or recollection. After him the daughter of Gorge Nicolas, Okello Tekabe, Brehanue Owar, Akello Kidi, Omot Niygowo, Akway Okado, Amhare Gilo, others presented their memoir of Obang Okumo.  With each starting where they know the man Mr. Obang Okumo, how they happened to know him? What kind of person he was both in public and on individual level.  And without doubt many spoke of Mr. Obang Okumo as a public servant who dedicated his life to public services, and helping others.  They considered him also as a teacher, mentor or role model for others.   They all thought of Obang as man of principle with high regard for his country, fellow countrymen.  All of them were happy to see him finish his MAED, welcome him to do more for himself and his country.    

Education as key to Future

All speakers spoke about the important of education, urge all members of the Anyuawa Diasporas community to consider its stand on education by emphasizing more, encouraging all their members to go school be it night or day, that it’s key to future, and to the survival of their community.  Speakers after speakers reminded the audience about the difficulties families are going through in America, highlighted their concern but reiterated the important of cooperation between wives, husbands in helping each other, encouraging each other on education, that it is imperative for both of them wife, husband to obtain education. And that, no co country can advance in political and economic, technological development without the participation of men, women.  In conclusion no country can progress without women being part,  parcel of the overall socioeconomic development activities, that through knowledge, education we shall become good, better, and productive citizen of our country.  

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