Thursday, April 3, 2014

Otuelo: What went Right also must have gone Wrong, What went wrong also must have gone Right.


Do have a job asked a village man, Otuelo said no I don't, it is not important, but why old man why asked this kind of question?  The old man apologizes, said sorry I thought we are from one village. One village my foot, replied Otuelo, old man warned Otuelo mind your business. 

The irony is the person in question was not a good man. Otuelo, his gang entourages had ganged around causing much troubles and mischiefs between villagers. They have changed around most peaceful bounders between villages into hell of terror. The fear of terror is real in the path way to west of Gambella As always with crimes the innocents were the ones to suffer the most heinous crimes directed by outlaws.

 Along the river bank of Openo; village after village have been terrorized, burn down either by government security apparatus or by the fugitive elements lurking in the bushes. Neither of them, who hold power over the neck of the people, gave a damn about the sufferings of people in the hands of them. In the name of progress some say don't talk but just accept the unacceptable, were used as instrument to deny our people the right to protest over the disputed lands.

 How can one's stomach takes the suffering of our people, and normally sleep over it.  In the name of freedom fighters, the liberation movement behind it asked no questions for fear that one is going to be labeled unpatriotic, and condemned as sold out creature to foreign interests, castigated as good only to pleasing newly implant masters. And  without question they would like us gave them our most precious belonging, forced us to understand the inevitable, that we are told what belong to us and only us supposed to belong to them also,  including our female children, and  our women.

 There are plenty of stories in this part of the country, some of the untold for fear and insecurity. A lot but only the victims know about them. A lot of peasants, their children have disappeared under the pretext of the security. Along the river Openo, under the close watchful eyes of the criminals, the police many died and disappeared, some say the criminal and the law enforcement in tandem have created insecurity determined for havoc. 

Openo the river, the Openians, "the people who live along the bank of the river have been categorized as "source of terrorism" in the Anyuakland. The government attitude toward these areas is terrible, with reasons only understood by them. The question is why all the terror would come from such places as Nykwo, Pinkaw, and Chaam of the Openo.

To understand nexuses of crimes against our people one have to wait for my oncoming article titled "Kewa Kiddy" Those mountains ranges are our border" As I said earlier the villages to the south of Gambella were the center piece of peasants rebellion, it was here that our brothers took arms, defied the unchecked excess of militaristic government of Mengistu Haile Mariam. The villages along the river were dubbed as "safe haven" for terrorists and terrorism flashpoints" these areas of course was the recruiting centers of guerrillas movement, had served their objective as magnets, attraction center for Anyuak youths movement who picked arms against the totalitarian government of Mengistu Haile Mariam.

 The Government without knowledge of Anyuak culture and the values it contained had forcefully tried to subdue the villagers without understanding the source of violence. The government in many ways failed to become part of the solution. It was true that there was no solution to the problem affecting our society from the government. In fact government is not a solution to the problem affecting the native people who were ready to throw of the yoke of domination. We the people of Gambella were the only antidote to our problems. The rest are money eating worms, they should set and watched in our approach with solutions. Before the downfall of the military juntas two decades ago our youths in the area of Ogol had get rid of the rampant conflicts between villages, as a result peace and stability was restored while the official army, the political cadres were numbed swimming in the pool of alcohol.

 Therefore when it comes to our homeland security, the government or any government imposed upon us was not a solution at all but problem.  They are there to plunder deep, enrich themselves.  And the situation is dire and worse off all. The government is responsible for creating such a dire conditions, with every measure of impunity the government takes all the times, the government has created grim and poisonous situation. For a long times the people here have been the subject of untold mass terrorism, frightened of insecurity, many cowed to accept the unacceptable situation.

 Gang or No Gang, how can one with a clear mind of reasoning made to understanding all the social vices: things have hinged out of order, there were crimes reported today from our society that are original foreign:  rapes of innocent girls, stealing or abducting children for sale, what about the forceful confiscation of innocent people properties under the guns. On top of that people were being ambushed, on road their properties and money ransacked with impunity. Otuelo, his sycophants caught red-handed had lied to their teeth with perfection. The arts of lying, deception have hidden the truth that many quarrels here begin like a joke between our village people, that part of the river bank were all his, people should never forget about it but forgive each other.

 At one time the world here belong Otuelo, gangsters, they know from day one who’s in, and who’s out there. All the circumstance around them had dictated all the event coming, shared all the largess or ill-gotten spoils with all the village neighborhoods of the villages they went into, No one say with right fully mind that he or she did not dipped their hands in bounty or in the milk and honey. Frequently things were coming, flowing like waterways into many of the villages that were courted to support them. You look at them something tells you not right. How come they look polished, happy with no jobs? What lies in them no one knows? They have plenty; they spent plenty to access power and privileges.

A generation of positive attitude about now and negative later. They have abandoned normal village life and went to the gold rush area to get rich quick or engaged in highway robbery, adapted lawless bush life. Men who are players like, comic likes, had no desire for one rule do not want to be the rule by law. For these men if they hear that a village this or a village that has a kingdom or chiefdom they would automatically imposed their own version sanctions, members were encouraged to boycotting from entering these villages. And for them they are enemy of liberty, number one enemy. Encourage and supported by diaspora financial backup they have been told not buy and invest at home but when asked why, no body answer only to say that we don't want the government to profit from diaspora home infusion of money. A case that would not convince many because it negated the reality on the ground that the Anyuak who own the land have no businesses on their lands.  How can one boycott all foreign business franchises, when they had none to go too. For many they preferred bush life because it give them no headache about responsibility and accountability to no one
 Their Utopian version life without constraints compelled drove them away from the civilization. Now they must challenge the authority; in no way would they submit their inalienable rights under chieftain rules. They were men who have proven themselves that they can leave without government in their lives; they seek for themselves a libertarian version of limitless freedom. Or instant life style, not permanent one were the desire goals. 

These are men who want to have it all, at once without time but now. They are men who careless about tomorrow. Of course they were men who hadn’t had good home cooked food for a very long times at "wimatch", including they have forgotten what “apade” or spoons meant for. Socially they were men with poor educational background remnants, and dropout from old the order, primary schools perhaps. But one should also be surprised to see how skilled these men are; they can write about anything, they do it well, well.
Dr. Dr. says, everyone, calling, them; even when they know that he was not a Dr. but a medical dresser or other medical professions. It is a titled one is proud in this communal community. Title indeed, as the British parliamentarian lord Acton once said, I paraphrase “ For one political community to be recognize as political community of a given; one must recognized who one is so for one to proclaim self-determination. As legitimacy in politics is concern it is the right way to go. Before abandonment of township lives by the forces that went to bushes something must have gone rights, and then also something must have wrong. But what went right must have also gone wrong, what went wrong also must have gone right later on.

 Anyhow, after years of hideout, fugitive’s life style; Otuelo was in violation of the transnational border crossing, sanction, against contact with other villages. A violation of security, boundaries, territorial integrity of other people.  It was difficult for the village people to decide what course action to take, should they decide something as punishment for Otuelo? If they decide any course of action against Otuelo, they too must decide one for themselves, for harboring, containing Otuelo without proper knowledge of the authority. Without doubt Otuelo is the victim of local lords, scrambling game of power, punishments. But all wrong points toward other direction.

 For they wondered, wondered why a man like Otuela could cause many mischiefs between communities, and he does not stand up for his troubles.



Daniel Ojulu said...
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Ajumhara said...

Daniel thank you, I must admit I started writing this piece of article this morning. part nonfiction, with another one as fictional, I hope to emerge the gulf to fit Gambella political character.

Daniel Ojulu said...

Welcome back A Gilo. Your appearance in public media with Ajumhara Journal tells us some sort of recovery. I hope you gain full strength soon.

For sure I wanted to comment on this article but decided to save it for nexuses article. If I not wrong, I understand that you are preparing the mind of your reader for the coming article that will succinct the involvement horde of Southern Sudanese Anuak with sizable number Ethiopian in Anya-NyaI movement in 1970s with lopsided political vision and who were duped by the motto ‘’KEWA KIDDY’’ whereas the reality point elsewhere. These group who felt mislead at the end of things have initiated our system erosion and evisceration of our society.

However, I hope my guess is right and have a lots to say next otherwise.

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