Wednesday, January 24, 2018

The Current Trumpits of politics in Ethiopia

I believe the snowballing events have been amazing so far. It has been good news to begin with, 2018: the downfall of the authoritarian regime in Zimbabwe without bloodshed was good, the opening up between two hostile states three weeks ago, N Korea, S Korea was good, the changing dynamic in Iran for better future was good, welcome but more has to be done. The Ethiopian dynamics:  Ethiopian government announcement of amnesty for political prisoners, the release of prisoners of conscience, desire to restructure the political and socioeconomic dynamics of the country were good news, welcomed. All of these couldn’t have happened without the involvement of the political stakeholders.

The occurring dynamics at home have been encouraging, must be supported by the progressive forces within and without the country. I believe these are signs of the new beginnings: the restoration of hopes for the people of Ethiopia, it is very paramount, important. It is very imperative that we support such noble initiative to tackle our national problems by ourselves. The world is under siege with daunting problems, it should focus on the main fights: diseases, archaic climatic conditions, droughts, desertification, water scarcity, poverty, the problem of refugees, uncountable migration, the problem of small arms, the merchants of deaths, proliferating criminal enterprises, the breakdown of rule of laws, restoration of justice.

To prevent the above-featured problems from happening, a country like Ethiopia, others should rebuild inclusive governmental institutions along with democracy, stability, security, justice, social equity, economic development, the distribution of resources are paramount and important, must be maintained for the good of the country. For our country, to move forward in the reconstruction of the new society more has to be done to free our society from the vestiges of violence, build hopes for the future. Regarding, Ethiopia I forecasted, something about ironing out our differences in order to build peaceful coexistence six months ago, I was right then, now the reality is before our eyes. Please check my article: We Told You So” at, you will find it very interesting. I hope the government initiatives would hold grounds for better. And let us keep hopes alive.

In politics like the Spanish dance, it takes two tangled the dance. It is up to the political stakeholders, I mean the political opposition parties, on the other hand, the government on another hand to sort out what's necessary for peace to prevail once and for all. It should be the right time to dance to the tunes of political calls if the music entertained us all. It is for the interests of the Ethiopian people for peace to prevail. The Ethiopian people, deserve peace, stability, at last, must be free at last. See, all these political dramas came about because the world was heading into fire & fury due the superpower struggle, with various power centers vying to shape the world order in their own images. The world had enough, had rejected the old statuesque of waiting for the outsiders' orders.

I think the current dynamics shaped by the local objectives with countries realizing that they would do much better by listening to their own people, tackled socioeconomic, political problems without outsiders coaching them about what do were good signs of problems solving. Who would believe the two Koreans would be talking to each other three weeks ago undercutting interventions, swaggering, masquerading shows of the US, a source of mischief amongst the two brotherly states of affairs to begin with? It has been the good thing happening, coming, the world should support this peace ventures between the two countries, without reservations. Ethiopian too are doing the same course of actions, it should be welcome as positive by the most positive elements of hopes, good-doers. Let's keep our fingers crossed, hope that the new conflict resolutions work for all. I am always optimists that there are more positive things our futures holds for us, we should exploit them for the good of the country

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The Current Trumpits of politics in Ethiopia

I believe the snowballing events have been amazing so far. It has been good news to begin with, 2018: the downfall of the authoritarian reg...