Sunday, April 20, 2014

Gambella New Initiatives Teleconference was aired Today

The teleconference started at 4:33
What can we do as Anyuak for community?
Why up to date everything we have tried have been installed, many of them failed to reached their goals.

By anonymous speaker.

 The teleconference was launch today, discussed paramount, and important issues: the new agenda, or the new initiatives: the audience was stunned, and impressed by views that was delivered today by some of the smartest elements in our community. It was a stunning rebuttal against diatribes, useless innuendos concerning old ideas, with the guardians of new views, new undertaking swearing to deal with what might challenge the ongoing new initiative or new imperatives on Gambella’s social development of our times.

The New thinking, said the accord reached by participants should entertain the new imperative without fear from demagogues, false pretenders, failed elements of the arrested developments. From to date said the teleconference partisans who had gathered, listening to their speakers, we had to keep going, that the old imperatives to solving everything at one has been a disaster, most of them failed on the spot without fruition due to weakening agendas, incomprehensive working initiatives, the incompetence leaderships generated by unrepresentative chiefs, “pretenders”, inspirited groups, and diehards from within community.

These diehards, the audience agrees have been the main problems, obstacles to our unity, political development. They had ample times to straightened out their leaderships but failed, now they have been seen sowing the seeds of hates, working days, nights spearheading divisions in our society. Understandably, said some folks about these pretenders their main goals was not about peace, justice, stability, democracy, betterment of our society but greed, personal ego advancements, aggrandizement of their power politics, the drive to dive in the financial corruption, lust for the top positions in the higher echelons.

The apparatchiks of the already collapsed system of government had rigid, wrong perception of governance, discarded institutionalism, organizational disciplines which made them not answerable to the people they had to go govern. And that they have bitten the hands that fed them to their necks while the majority populace have been suffering miserably under their feet, by contempt to the law of the country they have been throwing sand in the eyes of their followers, spin doctoring misunderstandings among members of the community.

 They abused empowerment bestowed upon them by the community by planting dangerous poisonous seeds of misunderstanding, that brought by confusion among the community members, by them conspiring, sabotaging communal unity, harmony, they have been erecting thorny trees in the midst of the community, prevented members of the community from interactions, from communicating. And with them at doors barricading of the fence, putting down the all alternatives in the new initiatives brought by others to build, renewed, structure our society.  

Everyone agrees that we had to accept the new objective reality, and to acknowledge current paradigm shift in the world politics. That even though some of us do not like the present government, but as citizens we are obliged to talk, engage, reason in the arts of diplomacy, and bring about peace, prosperity to our nation. The Audience agrees that we must talk, express our views to the government, on matters of public discourse. We must explain to our government all problems pertaining our immediate concern, not see the government as enemy whose understanding the political situation of Gambella must be only through force, bullets, a zero sums game with no other alternatives, with no winner in the on going games. Notwithstanding these games, the old ideas has not been working so far, have been counterproductive regional wise. That we have take it into consideration all options to bring about peace and prosperity to our region.

 And that we understand fully well that our concern about the plights, the suffering of our people whose fates surmounting difficulties at this moment are at critical junctures, that something must be done to alleviate the suffering of the populace. There are lots of humongous problems big, small concerning governmental policy at regional, federal level of governments. The AYUAWA minority of origin have been wrongfully persecuted as such, labeling them, wronging many Anyuawa people as problems brewers; at the same token as wrong were too some of the Anyuak elements who were/are just targeting the mountaineers or the highlanders from the highlands as their enemies.

The audience condemned these wrong perceptions, urge the government do something to easy up tensions. The Highlanders said audiences have been living side by side with the Anyuak people for hundreds of years in harmony, had a common shared values among them. That they shouldn’t be target because of their origins, that Anyuak also should not be single out as trouble maker, always suspected as rebel whose rebellion had brought misery at home. We should work hard in the clearance of our names off crimes said the conference participants, focus on our number one enemy: tumults, chaos, instability poverty hunger, backwardness, division, tribal conflicts, and lack of developments.

 After all speakers were done, to tell the truth I was completely amazed, astonished, excited with views put forth by the participants which challenged all odds against the new thinking. My friends I am astonished, speechless about Anyuawa language development so far, used during this conference. It was scientific, and no mumbo-jumbo, a very contemporary language related to Gambella reality.

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