Sunday, April 13, 2014

I am not Political Correct, I dont' like Political Correctness.

Let me speak my mind a little bit here. For example are you not or are some of you not sick, tired about former authoritarian regimes household servants preaching you the goodness of their times: When I was this, that, done this, that; expressing most worst believes, politically deadly pass issues, trumpet them like glories in the ears of their naïve audience.

Even though many had suffered under their feet, their rights neglected, with extra judicial abused power of the courts. The incompetence administrative, bureaucratic hot headed elements of the old fallen regime still had their nostalgic dreams fool them that they still could bring back the old totalitarian malfunctioned regime to our land? Well if you are like me I am tired of them too.

These brothers were sorry souls; I rather listen to birds songs sang to my ears than these sorry soul of folks, decadents of the past preaching the "good old days come back" the old remnants appeared to have learned nothing from the agony our society had undergone through with their butts on the neck of our people.

Honestly they had nothing to show for except lip services. If need be the public must abandoned them from participating in the public realm of politics, or encourage them to retire from public discourse. I bet this is the right ways, the only good way to preventing our society from falling in hands incompetence, corrupt administrative elements.

of course the diehards instead of apologizing for their past gloomy deeds, correctly stand in line with the progressive forces to build future for the generation to come. Instead I see no reformed minded here, in fact they un-reformabled, or unchanged but stagnant. And I am sorry to say this: " these are diehards " they are what we called in Amharic "alemot bye tagadie " unelected officials undemocratic, slicks, pretenders spiritually corrupt officials who had pretended to knowing it all, arrested the development of our nation, undead whose believes in the resurrection of the old times, still fanning for come back.

I think the warning must be prompt to the Gambella people that the barbarians are coming toward them. In fact, the barbarians are already by the gate trying to climb the fence, that they should watch out or lookout for infiltrators among them. And that those elements of destruction wear the same outfit like the commoners,wanted this time around to resurrect what already dead, would like the dead system revived, regenerated, introduced it with funny picture, that hoodwinks populism with attractive name like "the new republican party of Ethiopia" felach korach " hybrid like system with tight draconian rules.

The diehard crepes have arisen from dead, they are fighting back with their claws, with everything they lay their hands on, dragged on the broad masses under their control. The fight my friends would be ugly with no winner as far as I am concern. I am also more concern with current government trickery regarding the slow process democratization. It seems to me the ongoing democratization is backsliding, turning into farce.

There're believes that what went right also went wrong in the fight to change our system of governance. How can we bring the true system of government by allowing many deadwood into government, allowing them to reign uncontrollably, and stifled democracy. How can move forward with partial democracy look alike government, an impediment to what's rights, susceptible to what is wrong, very secretive, anti-open democracy system of federalism.

I am convinced what we have at home is not democracy at all but tribal, balkanized nature of the government determined to bread feuds between our nationalities. The democratic process we have begun must be revitalized, consolidated, we must work hard to achieve those goals. We must bring all the citizen to participate in it. We must embraced the old, the young folks with reformed minds, who are not tautologies, have not been brainwashed, not susceptible to cowry or fears, would not succumbed to trickery generated by the enemy of our nation-hood.

 Democracy the rule of law must be the banner we wave in our hands in the democratization of our nation, nothing short. I agree new ideas must be entertained, democratic forces must be energized, fire up for the dynamic changes upfront.

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