Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Against Crimes Committed by Criminal in Our Names



 I don't know how some look at Boko Haram, Al Shabab, Mujahedeen, Taliban, the Shining Path, Lord Resistance Army and other brand criminal underworld. I think these are criminal organizations, have not been up to something good for their people, let alone the public.  In my knowledge if some of us think that these kind pariah elements are true representatives, of which some of us do, then there must be something fundamentally wrong with some people frame minds of thinking.

I see no good thing in them, they are up to no shit, and we know it.  Those who claimed to be “solders of god”, who fight for freedom, the liberation of the oppressed people, don’t come in the middle of the nights in towns where they had no enemies, killed or mow down innocent civilian, abducted their girls at gun points.

How can people like Boko Haram, Al Shabab called themselves liberators while  used terrorism, terroristic methods to subdue village after villages: by abducting children, by cutting lips,  noses,  legs, hands, burning the mouths of the people they considered as informants for the states. They also killed, tortured, stoned to deaths, burn down peasants villages for refusing to support them for wanting no involvement into anything politics at all: be it for support for the state or in assisting guerilla movements. 

How can men of clear conscience do such a thing without being ashamed, feeling guilt?  How can good men of good character brandished, bragged about heinous crimes they have carried out in public, feel vindicated of their criminal missions?  I hope I am not the only one against these decadents, other brand of para-militant groups with sly, and meaningless names like: Boko Haram, Al Shabab, Taliban, Mujahedeen, so forth. Freedom fighters, or social liberators my foot.  In my book they deserve no acknowledgement, without fear they should be condemned to history. They belong to the trash heap of history,

 I think now everyone understood something about them, that they have not been true to their mission in the beginning. Now they are no more relevant at all. The bandits have not been what they told us they were. And we know very well given their large criminal records, the experiences the people gained in dealing with them that they were no more than robbers. I think that it is time for the people in the Borno state of Nigeria to hold onto their freedom, become self-liberators of their own social conditions. It is about times for followers, people in those states to disregard those pariah social elements, weed them out from among the communities. As community of good faith hard working, law abiding people they should reject deceptive versions of religious trickery preached by anti-civilizational elements, deny them sanctuary or any space for their social movements that do not bring unity among the people. 

 We know, we all agree that those outlaw elements: Boko Haram, Al Shabab, Taliban, the list continue, had a very substantial numbers of believers who believe in their causes, adherents’ followers who promised to the laydown their lives for the ninety nine virgin women in heaven, therefore care less for life on earth. Anyhow the good news is they are not the majority of population they live in, therefore people shouldn't be afraid of them.  The prevailing political winds have shifted so far, it is for good of all people living in those geographical areas, especially for the law abiding one. The political wind is in the right the direction. It has galvanized the international community to do something this time around, put a stop, eliminate those outlaw movements considered dangerous for the normal stability of the communities. 

Yes the pendulums of the political support is tipping in favor of the public discourse. The majority of people in Nigeria have been outrage toward their government for not doing more to protect the innocence lives. True their government could have done more but it is not the time now for blame games, The people must organized, and empower themselves in dealing with outlaws. 

In other words the balance of political power has not been in the directions of the criminals. The world is in search of them, soon they could be flushed out of their hiding foxholes. On the top of this their criminal enterprises have been dwindling from lack of support by some in the communities. This time around the organized criminal groups, their heinous crimes have been exposed, cleared, now they are on the run. Soon the law will catch up with them. History has shown that they were irrelevant, counterproductive elements who pretended to be freedom fighters, liberators of any sorts. But no they were marauding lawless highways robber's at large, outlaw tugs beyond the reach of law of any country lurking in the jungles.  

 As times goes by many these guerrillas have been out rightly rejected by the broad masses of those countries they live in, from what we understood so far, they have been losing grass-roots supports from the majority of the population they claimed to have represented, That's why we seen them using terrorism, terroristic methods upon the innocent people, to break the “thymus” of them; the Greek word for” spiritedness” of the people to fight for what is rights, and maintain justice.  

The notion that we the “Boko Haram” reject western education, while they sit in a pickup truck, driving, the unparalleled material things produced from America or Japan or Europe, with machine guns hanging on their shoulders also designed by western engineers and scientists, taught in western education, sold to them in the markets by western capitalist merchants; is baloney,  pathetic, ignorance, crazy, and stupid “it is just like saying I do not like meat but milk” I told one of my vegetarian friend  the other day to go, check what “Bio-chain” means. It means we have eaten by other means, what we thought we have avoided eating.

Example chicken-eats worms-snake- insects- and return we eat chicken, which means through Bio-chain we have eaten snake, insects, and worms as described, in the so called Bio-chain.  Baku Haram rejection of western materialism is untrue, in fact they have been lying to their teeth,  hoodwinked followers while many among them have been building expensive mansions worth millions of dollars with bank accounts in the western world. What a joke.


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