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Panaguai or (the Gourds Fall Apart)

You can believe it; fifty years ago there were only three Aynuwa men who went to school to America. I guess they were only one who has been informed by their parents about the important of education, they all did well successfully completed higher education. Back then no one dared sending their children to schools opened up by the American missionary stationed... in the heart of the Anyuawaland.

It was the beginning of fight between traditions, modernity. The Aynuawa rejected, spited on modernity. They run away, stay away from it. Sometime they called it “wana bunenham” But it was not complete rejection of the present for past glory or may be. But the lack of good information inadequate understanding about the invading, intrusive new development which was moving fast toward their lives, scared them the most, no one blamed them really.

After all the men, women who went to the towns to live among foreigners were utterly condemned, chastised as “weaken, lazy” a runaway social deviance, irresponsible persons. It seemed like the traditionalists have refused, rejected modern way of lives for good as it seemed. But no they down played the role, the  influence modernity. Yet the desire to acquire material wellbeing was strong, and have been still, growing. Thus the new trend  between the old, and the new phenomenon's, the desire, the necessity to be part of the new materialistic society forced them in between the two distinctive developments. Nonetheless the end justified defeat from retrogression, the struggle for modernity triumphed over traditionalism.

So how have we been doing? well not very much but the desire for learning, educating  children is very strong, encouraging. The trend toward progress, development will continue in the acceleration of modernization. The problem is today there has been no much distinctions between very educated , less educated classes, in the development outcomes shown in the fields of every developments. Thus progress is stacked, and still from moving forward. One wonder why after fifty something years of independent most African countries lack behind their Asian counter parts in terms of development.    Some people think why waste one's precious years on education when at the end of the day one can not even change is society, brought change with good results? 

In the Anyuawa folklore; “the gourds fall apart” is ancient parable in which the man who carried the gourds of honey, waters was expected shouldering responsibility, and accountability for all.  In the trip certain laws of physics were supposed to observed carefully. The Balancer Law, will eventual tipped any object in the balance downward or upward depending on the circumstances: I called it breakdown of balancing acts.

Thus weight, length, will depend on the length, distance travel. He who carries responsibility must observe all things that might complicate the walk, trip, must always be careful, alert, on the look to prevent the tipping points. Unwarranted, non-careful exercises of walk could also bring down any objects at hands, followed by unintended sequences of events of losing everything that was prepared for the trip for long, ready for the months with strong anticipation, with security maintenance, dear to everyone interests.

  I am afraid the Anyuawa person don’t like insecurity: back in the days; people want to leave home spent months in the bush, sanctioned themselves from village contacts, civilization voluntarily rejected, left behind we called it “Wanabune Nham” in this kind euphoria civilization is condemned at the moment, all its decadent is trashed, abandoned, no more civilization bye, bye.

 So it was a period confusion shall I say The word “Panaquai” meaning the gourds fall apart can also be found in the many Chinua Achebe’s literary books, in which Chinua describes, the difficulty transitioning post-colonial Nigerian society have been undergoing, in battling the past and the present; in the repositioning itself into modernity. Things fall apart, is clear, very understandable. I recommend it for everyone to read the book “things Fall apart “

In the similar vein the words “Panaquai “describes the temptations of carelessness, hastiness inattention, uncontrollability, irresponsibility, unaccountability, that must also drive a person to a failure. One must stand guard alert, all the times. In other word when you do something, even it is voluntary do it well, with full hearted; with complete devotion. One must do something even if don't like it.

And when you do it; do it  well, well, and a good care. indeed one must be accountable, responsible; must always eyes his job diligently, carefully with a watchful eyes of a kefir. In this metaphor we are all one for the general security of the common. Otherwise you may end up putting the whole trip to a halt as had been said in the traditional Anyuwa folklore story, making everybody uncomfortable, putting the glue of social cohesion at risk.

  In another word if you were on a trip; along with a group of people you must always shoulder special responsibility, even it is for a short duration of times. In this regard paying momentum attention is important, paramount. In a very, very difficult situational but the journey must continue without interruption from shortage inadequate provision. In another ward volunteers of gourds carrying must socially responsible persons.

 There is no rule even declared as such, because everyone is for everyone: the common tread " things that belong to the common” is for the good of the common; for example a "village pool" is a common property used for prosperity of the common interest. one must fetch or draw water, one must bath from it, but the general maintenance requires common respond because   Security, safeness, the happiness of the common is imperative and important, as anything else.
In panaquai the role of individual interplay is crucial for the whole trip to smoothness. My friends the journey will depend on two ingredients: energy+ water; thus responsibility, accountability, dependability, safety is the call.   
The men who carried the gourds of honeys, waters in this Anyuawa folklore story were not aware of anything, but were regular down to earth fellow countrymen; full of laughter, unity minded for the love of their villages.

That’s why men like these will scarify: lives for the love of unity, country, and village, home and above to the people they had lived with for decades, had been associated with in their lives. The unintended consequences of the events that occur sometimes might had some impact but it has not deterred many to rethink voluntarism of responsibility as bad, bad thing in life. Nor did modernity rejectionists been able to prevent the tide of development from coming the Ayuawaland to improve the living condition of our people. It is a win-win situation, life goes on as normal as it can be at the end of the day all benefit from it.

Nor would the struggle for betterment is going to stop, with Anyuawa living in all over the globe with changing society at home I bet no one is going reject modernity coming into their lives. The war of information has surnamed the entire Anyuwa-land, I guess all of us are “jure or truey” now. No more “wanabunenham” the first goal now to working hard accepting modernization without hesitation. I should say accepting modernization as solution to your problem is the first step because from now on there will no place on earth where MacDonald world wouldn't reach, I bet you on that...




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