Thursday, September 3, 2015

Ne Yena luo; won; ne cahene, ne raach,  ne cheneno.  Meaning; are you not Luo, why you are talking like the “un pure” breed of strangers  The word Luo means “purity” the words jengo or jur or lango means salves, strangers, nomadic people  foreigners, unimportant  people in Anyuawa language. So do their belief of being only god chosen people. According to the tradition when a new child is born in the neighborhood the elderly women are advised to check on the new born genitalia, it doesn't matter of any gender, the rules applied to either girls or boys. specially checking boys testicles area of imbalances is paramount, important for the family, the community to know.  If one of the child's testicle found naturally dejected, unbalanced, seemed to be equal, than this child is not a Luo meaning is not pure but chiejwok evil, its parent should abandoned it in the forest or thrown in the river. The parent of a child would be advised to get rid of the child as soon as possible before it has grown up, kill people.  So the child is thrown away in a gourd, seated into river to float away or taken to a deep forest abandoned it to die. Thus according to Anyuwa cultural beliefs purity is important, so to avoid this, others kind of problems, marriage outside Anyuwa culture is strictly forbidden. It is a taboo to marry outside one's culture. So the Anyuwa considered themselves as puritan with no mixture of other races in them.   

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