Tuesday, October 27, 2015

There are traffic Lights with Few Cars On the Streets but Why?

I wonder how those traffic lights are going to function with no permanent electricity for the whole city of Gambella. Or is this a joke? When I was there four months ago the City of Gambella was always on constant power, water, network supply cuts, everyday. That's the reason I say again is this a joke? Also I didn't see too much traffic cars on the streets, which could warrant traffic lights, what I saw as problem was lack of transportation for the residents of Gambella city. Look it sadden me, bothered my conscience while I was there seeing everyday fight by people who have been waiting for those three wheels legged Indian made cars under the frying sun heat to take them to their destinations. The city of Gambella in my view is in dire need of public transportation, not traffic lights.
I believe at the moment the installed traffic lights of the city of Gambella was a wrong plan, a wrong priority, wrong thing to do when many of our citizens are without jobs. Instead ordering traffic lights they should have ordered donkeys to help people with transportation if they can not afford buses. If everyone understand what I am talking about is good but otherwise we are loosing hopes. If people in the leadership don't know what are the top priority needs for the governed or the subjects than I am sorry no wonder they brought Kandabongo to Gambella, paid his band huge sum of money for a music the natives of Gambella don't even understand in the first place.
Let me remind you one classic example, the story was like this; during “Derge regime” time when our men, women who were fighting against separatist war in northern frontiers, they run out of ammunition,they asked field commander for more ammunition and more reinforcement, when the field commander asked the central command authority for ammunition, the central command authority sent them rations, when they run out of rations, they sent ammunition, the sabotaged conspiracy was so enormous that, it had greatly inflicted moral damage to our men, woman who were scarifying their souls for the liberty of all, for the territorial integrity of our country. And by time the said heinous crime was discovered, the enemy forces had already encircled the breakaway provinces, “Tigray, Eritrea”. What’s going on in Gambella right now is no different from the above story. And to me the story also coincide the story of “Abuknyadeng”How to stop coporate in the midst global land grabing is a  dauntng task...

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